Paradigm Shift

If my first week of motherhood could be summed up by “ALL THE FEELINGS“, then the first month has been the following two words: Paradigm shift (or as Chris calls it, the “parentdigm shift”).

Of course the first month was also filled with poop, heart-exploding love, spit up, staring at our baby for hours just revelling in her existence, and SLEEP (mainly the lack-of and endless conversations about it), but one of the most significant parts has been the massive paradigm shift from putting ourselves first, to now putting our baby girls’ needs before our own (for the rest of our lives!).

I knew this shift was coming, as I had watched my siblings gracefully make it as they became parents, but I don’t think anyone can fully prepare themselves for it, because it happens instantly! The biggest change in our life to date, becoming selfless (or as selfless as one can be), happened in one second.

The parentdigm shift – and the lightning speed at which it happens –
can be scary, overwhelming, and exhausting, but it simultaneously can be beautiful, freeing, and empowering. It is most likely all those things at some point or another, but no matter what, it is undoubtedly life changing.

So I want to give major props to all the parents I know who have inspired me to make this life shift, and a big shout out to all my pals who are currently making the shift. It’s a big step in this wild and crazy and beautiful ride called parenthood.