This is the “Mom Class” We All Need

When Chris went back to work I started going to a bunch of “mom classes” and events to fill the days. Most have been about sleep (every parents FAVOURITE thing to obsess over), but topics also include baby nutrition, child development, etc.

There are always one or two good take-aways, but I often walk away from them feeling like I “should” be doing something more or different (ie. “don’t nurse your baby to sleep” – How is the baby ever going to fall asleep then???!!!). So although there are often a few nuggets of valuable info, classes can also make me feel like I’m doing a less-than-stellar job at mammahood.

But we all know that the classes aren’t about the info, they are about connecting with the other mammas and hearing their experiences, which is totally awesome, inspiring and never fails to make me feel good.

Which has led me to believe I need to start my own class!

A class where parents come over, and as soon as someone walks in we yell “you are killing it at this whole parenthood thing!” (Or, “You are an amazing mother or father!”, “Nailing it!”, “You are the perfect parent for your baby!”, etc). And then we proceed to have a dance party. (And ask each other questions, share stories, compliment each other more…but mainly dance it out!)

Grown-Up Party is happy to host this class every Friday (or whenever someone needs it!), and to all the parents out there, let me just say: YOU ARE TOTALLY ROCKING PARENTHOOD!