Boss Mom


Brent Hodge and I at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of A Brony Tale (photo by Marcus Jolly)

Baby G is 4 months old today and I can officially say that we no longer have a newborn. She isn’t the tiniest baby at the coffee shop anymore. She cries because she’s bored, not just instinctively for hunger. And she laughs when I sing Broadway tunes to her. I am loving every second of this new stage we’ve entered, but now that we are out of the haze of newborness, I am also starting to think about work again.

I am one of those annoying people who loves what they do. I love producing all kinds of projects (and I also love writing this blog). I recognize I am a completely different human now that I am a mother, but I know I still want to work (on top of the 24/7 job of motherhood) in some sort of capacity (financial needs aside).

I really don’t know what being a #BOSSMOM will look like, but I am stating it here and now that I plan to explore what that means here on Grown-Up Party.

I hope to interview all different kinds of mothers out there that are freakin’ doing it! Mum’s who are musicians, running their own businesses, heading back to work, consulting, working part-time, pursuing further education, raising numerous kids…basically anyone doing their thang while simultaneously being a mother.

But before I dive into this interview series, there is one piece of wisdom I received from my pal Jill (who put out AN ALBUM in the first year of her first son’s life!) that I wanted to share. I asked her how she did it, and she said it comes down to having amazing people around you. Whether that is an amazing husband, business partner, mother, father-in-law, WHOEVER, the support team you create is the key to success.

So on that note, I want to say thank you to my business partner, the one and only Brent Hodge. I have gushed about him before, but he continues to not only be incredibly supportive of my motherhood, but also my dreams of being a #BOSSMOM as well. He never stops inspiring me, and while I was making a human, he was out directing the “I Am Chris Farley” documentary. (Which everyone in Vancouver should go and see at The Rio theatre this weekend, or if you are not in Vancouver catch it on SPIKE TV!)

And this weekend be sure to buy a drink for those people who are amazing in your life and support what you do in any and all capacities, and stay tuned for the #BOSSMOM series!