The Secret Anniversary Envelopes

PEI Jumping 3

Chris and I just celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary, and one of the most exciting parts (besides jumping off a pier in Basin Head, PEI as seen above), is that we got to OPEN AN ANNIVERSARY ENVELOPE! Let me explain.

At our wedding, Chris’s wonderful Gram had the brilliant idea to put a blank letter at each table. She then instructed everyone that whatever table number they were sitting at represented that wedding anniversary for us, and asked the guests to write a message that we vowed not to read until that year. We now have a stack of 20 sealed letters that will slowly be opened over the next two decades!

And to our delight, table #3 happened to be Chris’s parents and Aunts and Uncles.

All the messages were incredibly sweet from everyone sitting at table #3, but nothing made us laugh as hard as what Chris’s mom wrote:

“Dear Lauren and Chris,
Tonight as you celebrate your 3rd anniversary Ken and I will happily babysit while you two go to Dalvay to write vows for the year ahead.”

That may not seem that funny, but it is exactly what we did! (Our first real DATE since baby G has arrived!)


Thank you Gram again for organizing such a fun wedding activity that continues to bring us joy every year.

Thank you Ken and Jo-Ann for staying true to your promise and babysitting our darling girl.

And thank you to my incredible husband that I fall more in love with every year.