A Short Film About My Dad

BigLew_cover image

My dad, Lew, is full of amazing stories. He was born in Italy in a displaced persons camp. He sold the first personal computer in Canada. He used to own a nail polish company (that I “modeled” for – evidence below!). He plays hockey three times a week (even though he turns 70 years old in a few days!). And in his current occupation as a limo driver, he recently drove JA RULE around for an entire day.

He has endless stories I could tell, but right now, there is really only one story I want to share with the world.

So I’ve put in a submission to get a grant with STORYHIVE here in Canada to make a short film to tell that story.

Here is the pitch video, so please listen to baby G and vote!

…and just because I’m sure you are dying to know exactly how embarrassing this “modeling” was:


Me, my mother, and my sister on the cover of the catalog for my dad’s nail polish company (in the 90s in case you couldn’t tell)