An Ode to My Mother-in-Law


Hollywood gives mother-in-laws a bad rap. They are always wretched and horrible, and the truth is, my mother-in-law is absolutely amazing.

Not only did she raise 4 wonderful kids (which now that I have ONE child seems extra impressive to me!), but she is currently running to be an MP (member of parliament for my American pals) in our current federal election.

There are a million reasons why she is the best candidate for the job and anyone in the Downtown Victoria riding in British Columbia should vote for her, but let me give you one more reason, from a more personal point of view:

This past weekend was Thanksgiving. And just a mere 8 days away from the election, Jo-Ann is probably the busiest she has ever been in her life. And on Sunday, after running an 8k race, canvasing, doing “a wave” (when you stand on a street corner and get people to honk to show their support), and countless meetings, she somehow found the time to COOK THANKSGIVING DINNER. We kept saying that we just did not need to do a big meal this year, or that we could do take out, or we children could cook (but let’s be honest, none of us have ever cooked a turkey!), but Jo-Ann would not allow us to miss out on this important meal or tradition.

What does this anecdote have to do with politics and more importantly, why should anyone vote for Jo-Ann? BECAUSE IT IS NOT IN HER FIBRE TO LET PEOPLE DOWN.

Not only is Jo-Ann brilliant, compassionate, inspiring, articulate, and determined, but she also refuses to disappoint the people she cares about, and that is exactly what I want from an MP (AND a mother-in-law!).

So to everyone in Victoria: I sincerely hope you vote for my extraordinary mother-in-law Jo-Ann Roberts. To everyone in Canada: I sincerely hope you go out and VOTE. And to everyone else: I sincerely hope you give your mother-in-law a call this weekend and thank them for all that they do, big and small.