New York 2016_Lauren Shots-11

Prepare yourself for the parenthood cliche of the century: I can’t believe our baby is one and how fast this year went! I don’t care how many people warned us, it still baffles me how fast our tiny babe went from a ball of adorable mush to a hilarious jokester.

And no blog post could ever capture what this year has meant to us, but if there is ONE thing I knew I wanted to bottle and try to hold on to forever, it is our baby’s laugh. All her sounds have been amazing, but nothing brings me the kind of overflowing joy her laugh brings me. And as any modern parent knows, it becomes almost impossible to capture on camera once they realize what a freaking phone is! (She could be mid-belly laugh and then realize I’m trying to capture her on a damn iPhone and want to stop immediately to watch videos of dogs.)

But my insanely talented husband knew that all I wanted to celebrate this first year of parenthood is this video below. Something I can (and will) watch every single day for the rest of my life.

And I’m so happy to share it (because if a baby’s laugh isn’t contagious – what the hell is!?). So here it is, just a handful out of the millions of giggles/smiles/snorts/best moments of our life from this past year that we were lucky enough to sneak on camera: