The Biggest Surprise From Leaving My Baby

Last weekend was my first weekend away from my baby (and by baby I mean CRAZY TODDLER). Before having kids I would never have guessed it would take me 17 months to make that happen, but due to a few unforeseen circumstances (mainly LIFE) that is how long it took. And although I was SO, so ready for it to happen, a small part of me was still nervous about abandoning my child for the weekend (totally crazy I know).

And I am so happy to report the following:

YES sleeping in (till 9 am! WOO!) felt so good on the body. YES having long un-interrupted conversations felt so good on the brain. YES getting straight up silly with my favourite old friends and new friends was so good on the heart. And YES, at moments we missed our little one terribly and snuck into corners to watch videos of her which was good on the soul to be reminded of how lucky we are.

All those things I expected were completely and utterly true, but the most surprising thing by far was how much she’d grown when we got home. I mean we were only gone for 2 nights and of course we expected her to SURVIVE, but I never thought she’d THRIVE.

And it really serves as a constant reminder for me that it is ALWAYS beneficial to step out of our comfort zones, no matter what our age is, because that is how we grow as people. Yes it may be scary at first to be in unfamiliar waters, but when we are tested, that is when we see what we are capable of.

So remember, no matter if you are 1 years old or 100 years old, keep pushing those boundaries and growing!

PS. Thank you to my mum – the world’s best Nana – who took such good care of our little bean. You take such good care of ALL of us.

PPS. Thank you to Shalin and Bibi for the most kick-ass magical wedding of all time.