A Really Great Present

It’s officially holiday season now (holy shiiiiiiit when did it become December 9th!!!!???), and that means getting to daydream (or more likely stress) about the perfect present to give a loved one.

But the thing is, I am totally terrible at buying presents! I can spend days researching online and reading all the best gift guides (this one being my personal favourite), but when it comes to pulling the trigger, I always get cold feet. I hate shopping, and I’m pretty sure shopping hates me.

And although generally I’m a firm believer that the holidays aren’t about presents and are about the time we spend with each other, I still find the joy in giving a meaningful gift. Which is what reminded of my favourite present I got this year for my birthday.

My dear pal Nick Fabin made me THIS piece of art! He surprised me with a self portrait, and when he handed it to me I got chills it made me feel so ridiculously special. The piece never fails to make me smile, and I still love looking at all the details that make me “me”.


So if you are stumped this holiday season of what to get someone that you love dearly, be sure to check out Nick’s work at his shop Folded. In addition to custom pieces like mine, he has done festive holiday cards, and also has a beautiful series of cards called Make You Grow which always pull at my heart strings.