Motherhood + Loss (aka the things we never say about parenthood)

Photo credit: Corey J Isenor

I know this is stating the obvious, but the state-of-the-world feels insane at the moment. And in the real world I am engaged (taking direct actions, constant discussion, etc), but I have yet to really find my voice in all of it on this blog/internet space. I am still digging deep on how to do that in a place that feels somewhere in “ between the oft chanted chorus “silence is violence!” and the realization that when we advocate for other people we usually have no idea what we’re talking about“, as well as wanting to avoid just aimlessly preaching/yelling into my own echo chamber. SO, more on that to come.

BUT, there is one person that has helped me find my voice on one particular subject that I feel confident sharing in this space right now, and that amazing human is Rachel Ricketts, and the subject is loss&motherhood.

My pal Rachel runs a business called Loss&Found that is about all things grief and healing. And although people most commonly think of grief when it comes to death of a loved one, Rachel acknowledges (and helps give it a much needed voice!) that loss is felt in countless life happenings – including heartbreak, work, divorce, miscarriage and you guessed it … MOTHERHOOD.

And I am so thankful, and honoured, that Rachel had me on to her FIRST ever podcast to talk about this complex/complicated/perhaps even taboo subject of motherhood and loss. And I have to say – I think we really FIGURED SOME SHIT OUT!

Please have a listen (and review/share/email that link to friends!) and let me know what you think!

And here is just a brief teaser of topics we discuss to bait you to give it a listen:

  • *The KINDS of loss one experiences from motherhood (both PHYSICAL independence and the lesser known loss – MENTAL independence!)

  • *WHY we never talk about loss and motherhood (Hint: because unlike other more obvious forms of loss, there is also so much fucking joy! But doesn’t mean we – as a society or on an individual level – should ignore the loss that occurs)

  • *The NOT-A-SECRET-AT-ALL Secret to finding “balance” between work and motherhood

    *And MORE nuggets of gold!

And if you are jonesing for MORE REAL TALK about parenthood, check out this episode, What Moms Can’t Say, on CBC’s Out in the Open. It’s another podcast that after listening to I instantly sent around to every mom I know.

Thank you again to Rachel for having me! And an even bigger thank you to Rachel for bringing these very rarely acknowledged/talked about topics into the open so they can be discussed in the healthiest and most positive ways!

PS. Rachel is also hosting a RETREAT this spring that looks absolutely incredible. It is for those going through grief, but I would also argue that it may be that perfect reason for a mom to have her “first night away” from her little one, as a time to recharge and give space to mama’s needs!