This podcast changed my life.

Dex Guff in New York premiering his new show with his #1 fan, me!

Once in blue moon, a show comes around that just totally gets me. My humour, my annoyances, my worries and my joys. Like the day I (and I assume everyone born in the late-70s to mid-80s) discovered that one perfect season of My So-Called Life.

Now once again I have a show I deeply love, that understands my world when it feels like no one else does, and it is a podcast called Dexter Guff is Smarter Than You (and You Can Be Too). And FULL DISCLOSURE, I am on the team that makes this show! But to be fair, I only work on the boring things (contracts and payments), so I think I’m allowed to gush about its brilliance. I mean Dexter Guff would.

Here are just a few reasons that this is my new favourite show:

– The tag line is “your ears on my mouth”. This is the best way to describe any podcast.
– Use of the catch phrase “chew on this thought dog”. I now say this daily.
– The ability to not only make me laugh, but actually feel good about being so bad at social media (Trust me, after listening to the first episode “You Don’t Exist Without a Personal Brand” you will be totally cool with a lackluster social media presence!)

See that’s the thing, it is a comedy podcast. Let me say that again, it is not real! But it somehow does the impossible of being funny, and makes me feel good about myself. While taking the total piss out of the self help world, it manages to oddly BE self help by providing laughs and reminding us to not take life hacks, gurus, or “influencers” so seriously.

So do yourself a favour and CHECK IT OUT! You can listen to it on Apple Podcasts or anywhere you find podcasts. And prepare yourself to have Dex Guff’s mouth on your ears!