Back on the blogging horse!

Feeling HASHTAG BLESSED to be able to get back into blogging.

This is just a quick post to say I am back on the blogging horse! (or at least this is my public proclamation that I am going to try to be!). I really miss my blog because:

#1. I like writing.

#2. I have a really bad memory, so I find myself referencing my own blog ALL THE TIME to remember important things that happened in my life. For instance, just the other day I sent a dear friend a post about my thoughts on my first trimester of pregnancy for his preggo wife, because I truly did not remember anything that I had felt at that time. I mean blogs are just bizarre, public, on-line journals, and I basically want to start “journal-ing” again.

#3. And most of all – I really enjoy the meaningful connection with people in my life from past and present that my blog has often led to (seriously, hearing a man say “I like your blog” brings me so much joy and I love the thought of any guy reading my posts about babies).

I didn’t stop for any particular reason, just a lack of prioritizing it among the limited “me hours”. So here is to constantly re-assessing and re-prioritizing what brings me joy!

And as a quick internet-life-catch-up, here are just a few highlights from last year (much of what wished I had blogged about):

We moved our family to Italy for a month to film a documentary feature (and lived out my life-long dream of living on a vineyard and running through the aisles nightly):

Went to the most magical place in the world, PEI (and celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary in the exact spot we got married):

Almost had a parenting FAIL on Halloween (when I thought Georgia wasn’t “into” Halloween because I’m not that into it), but then it turned into a big parenting WIN (when I realized seeing it through a kids eyes is magical and Georgia freaking loved being a skeleton):

Produced 6 more This is That videos (one of which got nominated for a Canadian Screen Award!), launched a podcast called Dexter Guff is Smarter Than You (which fun fact: the show became so loved by American film star Jessie Eisenberg that he appears in the last episode!), directed for a Google project (that helps kids learn code!), opened an office for our creative studio Kelly&Kelly  (complete with podcast studio!), and did it all with my husband and somehow remain madly in love with him (and of course with our brother, Pat Kelly, and our cool cousin Dave Shumka):

Now that we’re caught up, let the bloggity blogging begin! The post tomorrow has a very big reveal 😉 (NO I AM NOT PREGNANT!)

[FULL DISCLAIMER: I hope it goes without saying – last year was full of SO MUCH MORE beyond these blissful looking moments. Lots of tantrums, insecurity, fear, uncertainty, growing up and tears…and not just from Georgia (not to mention the exhaustion of a million loads of laundry, the monotony of having to figure out dinner every night, and the daily worry of hoping we don’t fuck up our kid). The state of the world is undoubtedly scary and depressing, and I often felt at a loss for words on both the personal front and global front. But I hope to share more of the highs, and lows, right here on Grown-Up Party.]