How to Honour Our Parents

My dad and his baby girl (me!)

I was recently reminded (by Facebook, obviously) that this week marks the 2 year anniversary of the short documentary I made about my dad: Big Lew & The First Personal Computer. My dad still makes literally every person he meets watch the film. And I still tear up when I watch it.

And when re-watching it this week, I was reminded of a podcast episode I heard this past summer that really stuck with me about parents and our relationships with them. From Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History, it is the last episode from season 2: The Basement Tapes. It is an interesting and unexpected story, but with an even deeper, beautiful meaning about how to honour our parents after they are gone.

I highly recommend the whole episode, but if you don’t have time, here was my biggest takeaway: To honour our parents we don’t need to have the same beliefs as them, just the same principles.

And I’ve thought about this podcast and sentiment for months because it is so powerful, and so incredibly relevant for the times we live in. As the world is rapidly changing, it can feel like we are betraying our parents if we believe in something different than they do (such as religion or the internet instead of print newspapers!), but as long as we stay true to the same principles (be a good human or knowledge is power!), we are celebrating what they have taught us.

So Dad – I may not believe in hockey as strongly as you do, but thank you for instilling in me the principles of a hockey player: teamwork, don’t stand for any BS, and defense win’s championships đŸ˜‰

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My dad and my baby girl (G!)