The Big Reveal!

So what’s the big news? AGAIN, I AM NOT PREGNANT! But I did CHOP MY HAIR OFF! And I know to most people this is incredibly lame and not a big deal at all, but to me, it is truly huge. Never in my life have I had my hair this short. I haven’t had bangs since grade 3. I wear my hair up in a bun every, single, day of my life, so most people don’t even have a concept of how long or “rats nest-y” it is. And I have been TALKING about having my “felicity moment” for probably the last 8 years.

So I finally fucking did it. And what made me take the plunge after almost a decade of wussing out? QUEER EYE. Yes, the netflix show! The re-booted reality tv make-over show has literally taken the world by storm (if you don’t believe me, read this or this), and it totally lives up to the hype.

The show is charming, and funny like the original, but what takes it to the next level is the way it normalizes men talking about emotions, sharing their emotions, and crying. It is such a positive, healthy and inspiring display of masculinity, and is completely what the world needs right now. (And for those who have already devoured it, this is a must-read article on Queer emotional labour, Queer magic, why episode 4 was so important, and why the show is beyond “toxic masculinity, but rather the frank acknowledgment of ever-present pain even in moments of joy”).

Every episode brought me to tears, and helped me realize that a big appearance change/make-over isn’t all about what you do to your hair, but also about tackling those big fears, insecurities, and doubts, and instead believing in yourself (and the support network around you).

So there ya have it – a short-haired Lauren! Thank you to Queer Eye for not only entertaining me, but also inspiring me. And a gigantic thank you to my husband and friends that lived through years of me complaining about my hair and encouraged me to make a change – you are all my Fab 5.

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for, classic reality TV BEFORE and AFTER pics of my hair:


My natural state: the bun. My nickname in highschool was Fro, so I’ve always had the mentality of just trying to “contain and tame” my hair.

A rare sighting of my hair down. Clearly this only ever happened in my bathroom. No one ever saw it like this.


At Foxglove salon getting the official transformation! And if there is one person that made this happen even MORE than Queer Eye, it is my dear pal Allison, who endlessly encouraged me to do it, and then was the one who actually chopped it off.

AFTER (a 5-minute photoshoot courtesy of my incredible husband before he left to go on tour):