3 Things I’m proud I’ve made in the last year

I haven’t shared my life on this blog or social media for awhile (no particular reason – just busy livin’!), but there are 3 things I am really proud of that I wanted to share and shout from the mountaintops (aka this basically now dormant blog):

1. A music video!
Last October I was asked by my dear friend Jill Barber to direct and produce her music video for the song Love Is. Having a creative force like Jill trust me was a huge compliment, and getting to work with my fellow power-house creators and moms (our pre-production meetings were at a playground with our kids) Erin and Jill was endlessly inspiring. These women have showed me the kind of woman, mother, and creator I want to be, and getting to bring a joyful video together with them was a dream. (Be sure to watch it for all the feels!)

2. A video for the New York Times!
Last year the New York Times reached out to us after they liked some work we did, and the moment we heard from them I VOWED that we would make something incredible with them. And I could not be prouder of what we made. Getting to use satire to make such a meaningful video in this mad mad world was hugely satisfying. I only hope we get to make more.

3. A BABY!
I made, birthed, and now sustain a HUMAN LIFE with my body! On January 10th I gave birth to sweet baby Mae. It’s beyond cliche, but along with Georgia, she is my greatest achievement.

Now back to soaking up the baby cuddles – and dreaming up more things to create!