Grown-Up Party is a space dedicated to that bizarro land between the fictitious HBO worlds of Girls and Sex in the City.We aren’t landing our first jobs right out of college like Hannah (sadly we are older and incredibly less hilarious), but we don’t have our careers locked in like Carrie (journalism is dead anyways, none of us will ever get paid that much to write). We don’t sit at the kids table at Thanksgiving, but we also don’t know how to walk in high heels. We wear backpacks to real jobs. We are getting married, decorating apartments, and working career jobs, but still figuring out how to de-frizz our hair, not hit the snooze button 50 times in order to wake up, and trying our very best to stop wearing the same plaid shirt to work every. single. day.
And when I say WE, I really mean me, Lauren Bercovitch. I HOPE I’m not the only one, but if I am, so be it. I’m here to embrace all my jeans with holes in the crotch and other grown-up inadequacies. Who knows if the real Grown-Up Party is all that it’s cracked up to be, but the one that I’m at right now is quite the hoot. Oh and here is a story I told at Vancouver’s most wonderful storytelling night, Rain City Chronicles, about my adult bat mitzvah: the moment I became an official adult in the eyes of God!