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We’ve made it back from the land of powder and power, Sundance 2014, and we are absolutely exhausted (actually we just woke up from nap so this post may get kinda weird). But, I wanted to share the update ASAP of how I did on my Shenanigans for Sundance 2014 list: #9. Sadly NO ONE… Read more »

How To Not Die From Sitting

You’ve probably already heard, but sitting is the new smoking. Or maybe you’ve read this headline: your office chair is killing you. But in case you haven’t heard the depressing news, let me explain. Studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time (like most of us do in order to make a living)… Read more »

That’s My Jam (of the week): Skeetwood Mac

Two women I worship for their talent and mad-style: Stevie Nicks and Ciara. And lucky for me, master remixer The Melker Project has gone and combined the power of Ciara and Stevie Nicks into one soulful booty-shaking compilation known as Skeetwood Mac. So for all the ladies and gentlemen out there like me that spend… Read more »

Wise words from a dad

{Me, my dad, and a pair of short shorts on the verge of him saying something brilliant.} Dad’s have the best mottos. I don’t know where they learn these catch phrases, but every father develops a set and I think they are pretty freaking amazing. And with total bias, I think my dad has the… Read more »

REmemorable Series: BIRTHDAY SURPRISE!

Since this year my goal is to do things out of my normal routine in hopes of remembering life, that put quite a lot of pressure on my husband to deliver a memorable birthday present for my big 2-9.  And boy oh boy, did he nail it. He knows I love surprises, and he also… Read more »

Rules for the Tiny Computers in our Pockets (aka smartphones)

The other day I sent my husband this video saying “I HOPE THIS ISN’T ME”, and he just replied saying “IT IS”. [youtube=] I’ve shared my feelings before about how I think I suck at social media, but that doesn’t prevent me from letting it consume my life (in fact it encourages it). SO, suffice… Read more »

The NON-Strapless Wedding Dress

Besides the summer being filled with amazing swims, it also was jam packed full of ENGAGEMENTS. So many dear friends got engaged on romantic getaways, bike rides, beaches and more (here’s looking at you Lizzy, Mary, and Matty McInnis!). And now that I get to help some wonderful lady friends with their nuptials, there is… Read more »