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ALL Human People Should Read and Watch these 2 things about Toxic Masculinity

Seriously, all human people should read this article. I very rarely blog anymore and after reading this article I felt overwhelmingly compelled to share it immediately and encourage everyone I know to read it. The gist is that men don’t (commonly) have spaces specifically to share their emotions, and therefore the burden then (commonly) falls… Read more »

3 Things I’m proud I’ve made in the last year

I haven’t shared my life on this blog or social media for awhile (no particular reason – just busy livin’!), but there are 3 things I am really proud of that I wanted to share and shout from the mountaintops (aka this basically now dormant blog): 1. A music video!Last October I was asked by… Read more »

Making something is the easy part, it’s getting it out there that is the hard part (and making it is fucking hard!)

Many moons ago in my Adbusters days I was on a panel with a brilliant filmmaker named Andrew Nisker and he said this in relation to making independent documentary films, but I feel strongly it can be applied to anything you independently make (music, books, art, movies, podcasts, blogs etc): “Making the content is the… Read more »

What made me believe I could be a small business owner

  I always knew I’d end up being a small business owner at some point. I peddled nail polish in my middle school bathroom. I started a non-profit when I was 26. I’ve only ever worked at small, independent companies with no more than 10 employees. And 3 years ago, with a toddler and mortgage… Read more »

Church of Friends

The title of this blog post may seem bizarre coming from a Jewish girl, but allow me to explain: For the last few months I have been dreaming up this idea called THE CHURCH OF FRIENDS (or Synagogue of Friends for my fellow Jews, I just didn’t want to confuse non-jews). Basically, after having a kid, I realized that a very… Read more »

How to Honour Our Parents

I was recently reminded (by Facebook, obviously) that this week marks the 2 year anniversary of the short documentary I made about my dad: Big Lew & The First Personal Computer. My dad still makes literally every person he meets watch the film. And I still tear up when I watch it. And when re-watching… Read more »

The Big Reveal!

So what’s the big news? AGAIN, I AM NOT PREGNANT! But I did CHOP MY HAIR OFF! And I know to most people this is incredibly lame and not a big deal at all, but to me, it is truly huge. Never in my life have I had my hair this short. I haven’t had… Read more »

Back on the blogging horse!

This is just a quick post to say I am back on the blogging horse! (or at least this is my public proclamation that I am going to try to be!). I really miss my blog because: #1. I like writing. #2. I have a really bad memory, so I find myself referencing my own… Read more »

This podcast changed my life.

Once in blue moon, a show comes around that just totally gets me. My humour, my annoyances, my worries and my joys. Like the day I (and I assume everyone born in the late-70s to mid-80s) discovered that one perfect season of My So-Called Life. Now once again I have a show I deeply love,… Read more »

Posting is Not Enough.

Holy shit. These are terrifying times. I have been spending days, weeks, and months trying to put words on paper about Trump, hate, racism, fear, the patriarchy, bigotry, antisemitism and the state of the world, but I always seem to be paralyzed by the enormity of the problems. So instead of writing, I have spent… Read more »