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Turning 30

On Tuesday I turned 30. Chris bet me that I would have a major psychological breakdown questioning “what I am doing with my life?” with the big 3-0 approaching, but so far I am freak-out-free. Most likely it’s because I spent my birthday in Hawaii. Or maybe it’s because I no longer believe my job… Read more »

3 Things I’ve learned as an Adbusting-Jewish-Wife

HAPPY BUY NOTHING DAY+HANUKKAH+BIRTHDAY TO MY MAN!¬† Let me explain. For 5 years I worked at Adbusters magazine, the organization responsible for the anti-black friday campaign¬†Buy Nothing Day. I’m also Jewish, and the festival of lights is now in full swing. And last but not least, 31 years ago today, my husband was born. SO,… Read more »