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A Really Great Present

It’s officially holiday season now (holy shiiiiiiit when did it become December 9th!!!!???), and that means getting to daydream (or more likely stress) about the perfect present to give a loved one. But the thing is, I am totally terrible at buying presents! I can spend days researching online and reading all the best gift… Read more »

How to Make the Best Chocolate in the Universe {Recipe}

I still remember when I got addicted. It was 2004 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was walking down Quinpool Road to a party and my edgy, older friend Phil handed me something and said “HIT THIS“. From the moment the 75% cocoa content hit my lips, I’ve been on the never-ending quest to get DARKER,… Read more »

How to use your hands for something other than typing.

The workplace has changed drastically in the last 20 years (or so I am told). The majority of us now sit all day (which I’ve already explained you’re probably going to die from), but there is another bi-product of the information age worth addressing: most of us do not MAKE anything.