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ISLA: Three Years Old

OMG it’s 2015. I’m sure we’ve all come to terms with this by now, but as this is the year our first baby will be born, it’s taking on a whole new “holy shit” factor for us. So in honour of starting the new year off with a big bang, I am thrilled to share… Read more »

Elliot: Six and a Half

When Chris and I go on vacation, we sometimes make videos together. I used to think that my all-time favourite kind of video to make with him was the gushy romantic genre where we talk about our vows or love, but I have come to realize that there is a type of video I cherish… Read more »

Getting married doesn’t make you a grown-up

This past summer I got married. I had been with my man for almost ten years, and it was about time. Not that I expected to feel like a different person after the big day, but I did assume that if anything is going to make me feel like an adult, it would be the… Read more »