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My favourite part of a wedding.

Wedding season is officially over for us, and this one was a magical doozy. From the Yukon to Lake Tahoe, Park City to Waikiki, and a few places in between, we witnessed quite a few vows, and tore up a LOT of dance floors. And I’ve given my advice on weddings, what you should spend… Read more »

Lists of Love

My husband and I are not Valentine’s Day people. BUT, we are list people. Once every few years we write down a list of things we hope to accomplish together. In 2004, we wrote a list after our first year of dating. To put this list in context, we were doing long distance. Chris lived… Read more »

One Year Ago Today

Yup, time does that thing it loves to do. Go by. FAST. 10 years ago I met this guy while working at a summer camp in Maine, and we fell in love, hard. 6 years ago I moved from Nova Scotia to Vancouver to be with him. 1 year ago today, I married him. Over… Read more »