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THE VERDICT: Changing my last name after getting married

A few months back, I wrote about whether or not I should change my surname post-wedding. I can’t tell you how many people told me they have struggled with the same question, and although there were many strong, wise opinions offered, I still agonized over (as have many others) with what to do. So I… Read more »

My best wedding advice

So I just realized it’s May. And as I scrolled through Instagram this weekend I realized what that means exactly: WEDDING SEASON HAS BEGUN. I am no expert on weddings, but I do feel that I learned a thing or two from my own wedding a few summers ago that I would like to pass… Read more »

One Year Ago Today

Yup, time does that thing it loves to do. Go by. FAST. 10 years ago I met this guy while working at a summer camp in Maine, and we fell in love, hard. 6 years ago I moved from Nova Scotia to Vancouver to be with him. 1 year ago today, I married him. Over… Read more »

Getting married doesn’t make you a grown-up

This past summer I got married. I had been with my man for almost ten years, and it was about time. Not that I expected to feel like a different person after the big day, but I did assume that if anything is going to make me feel like an adult, it would be the… Read more »