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How to Make the Best Chocolate in the Universe {Recipe}

I still remember when I got addicted. It was 2004 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was walking down Quinpool Road to a party and my edgy, older friend Phil handed me something and said “HIT THIS“. From the moment the 75% cocoa content hit my lips, I’ve been on the never-ending quest to get DARKER,… Read more »

Chicken Soup for the Grown-Up Soul {Recipe}

Last Friday Chris and I had a hot double date with some pals, and I made soup. Sounds kind of boring for company right? But oh no, it was a serious party in a pot. Our friend Ross (who you may remember from this cool video) lost his shit over how flavourful the soup was…. Read more »

Oh Baby, Baby: A REAL Grown-Up Party

Last Sunday I had the incredible pleasure of co-hosting a genuine Grown-Up Party for a dear friend who is having a baby. With my wonderful co-host, Alex, we pulled some serious Martha Stewart/Pinterest worthy moves. Alex made little tea sandwiches in the shape of a pram, and I baked Martha’s pistachio-raspberry tea cakes (as pictured… Read more »