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3 Unexpected Ways Motherhood Has Changed Me

We just returned from an epic week in New York (celebrating THIS amazing film, and THIS amazing bride to be), and having not been there since pre-baby days, it was an amazing barometer to see how life has changed. (Mainly that we spend most of our times in parks now, and that we can still… Read more »

New Yorked.

I didn’t meet and become best friends with Robert DeNiro, but I think my top 7 moments of the Tribeca Film Festival with a whole gaggle of my closest friends far surpassed the original list I went in to New York with:

9 goals for the Tribeca Film Festival

I know I’ve been sharing some big news lately (buying a mother f’ing house, this blog’s redesign, etc), but one of the most exciting things I’ve ever been a part of is being a producer on the documentary A Brony Tale, and we’ve got some seriously big news to share: The world premiere of our… Read more »