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Grown-Up Party presents…DANCE CLASS #3!

Back by popular demand (and the fact that every single week for the last year I have said to myself “I really want to do another dance class”): the Grown-Up Party hip hop dance class! For any grown-up out there who for just a couple hours wants to leave the adulting world behind and strut… Read more »

7 reasons you should go to Rain City Chronicles this weekend:

Rain City Chronicles is a live story-telling night in Vancouver. If you have been to Rain City Chronicles, you know how amazing it is. If you have never heard of it, it’s similar format as The Moth but with it’s own unique swagger (basically the most entertaining themes, drinks/treats and an incredible community built by… Read more »

Property Virgins: 3 steps you must take before even walking into your first open house

Last week I shared the very personal (and emotional) story about puttingĀ our first offer on a houseĀ (and the inevitable heartbreak that came with it). So many wonderful people reached out and shared their house-hunting-war stories with me and I can’t thank those kind souls enough, but then a few friends were like, “what the hell,… Read more »

Fall Things

I’m not sure if my memory is simply terrible or my brain puts up a mental block when it comes to the weather of seasons past, but I do NOT remember Vancouver being so gorgeous last October. I remember the sunshine of August being glorious, and the rain of November being pure hell, but in… Read more »