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My favourite part of a wedding.

Wedding season is officially over for us, and this one was a magical doozy. From the Yukon to Lake Tahoe, Park City to Waikiki, and a few places in between, we witnessed quite a few vows, and tore up a LOT of dance floors. And I’ve given my advice on weddings, what you should spend… Read more »

THE VERDICT: Changing my last name after getting married

A few months back, I wrote about whether or not I should change my surname post-wedding. I can’t tell you how many people told me they have struggled with the same question, and although there were many strong, wise opinions offered, I still agonized over (as have many others) with what to do. So I… Read more »

My best wedding advice

So I just realized it’s May. And as I scrolled through Instagram this weekend I realized what that means exactly: WEDDING SEASON HAS BEGUN. I am no expert on weddings, but I do feel that I learned a thing or two from my own wedding a few summers ago that I would like to pass… Read more »

Family Vows

Some dear friends of ours recently got married, and just when we all thought we had made it through the ceremony relatively unscathed by tears, the couple went ahead and pushed us far beyond the edge with FAMILY VOWS. After saying vows to each other, the groom turned to his bride’s daughter and vowed to… Read more »

The NON-Strapless Wedding Dress

Besides the summer being filled with amazing swims, it also was jam packed full of ENGAGEMENTS. So many dear friends got engaged on romantic getaways, bike rides, beaches and more (here’s looking at you Lizzy, Mary, and Matty McInnis!). And now that I get to help some wonderful lady friends with their nuptials, there is… Read more »